Italian Forces for Companies of Heroes 2

Continuing from before, we will now create the Italian Army roster.

To balance out the Axis late game, we are going to create an Early/Mid army..  The Italian Army is also adding a new set of functionality, portee.  Motorcycles are one type of portee under this system.  It can be used to give rapid mobility to a unit,  in hit and run attacks, or rapidly move them to a point and unload the unit and they turn into foot infantry.  Portee support weapons were put on trucks, and unlike towed weapons, were fired from trucks.  Units loaded in this way are more vulnerable.

The view of this army is similar to the current American army.  It has one base where the Italian commander has to call-in three different sub commanders to gain new units.  These sub commanders can be upgrades to exist Bersaglieri.  So instead of them being whole new squads, they make existing squads better.  This means if you want to fully tech up, you’re required three core infantry squads.  The first commander could be a mobile command center.  This can provide healing for munitions and allow nearby units to reinforce.  The second tier commander can give the unit Brenda LMGs.  The final commander could be used for offensive and defensive bonuses.


Tier 0:

The base pioneer unit that the Italians used were the Demolishers.  Armed with flame throwers and rifles, they are a slightly larger version of the Soviet engineer unit.  The core Italian unit are the Bersaglieri.  This unit should be the largest unit in the game, keeping in the theme of the million man that Mussolini had for the Italian army.  They can be upgraded by the Solothurn Anti-Tank Rifle upgrades and able to throw Passaglia Bombs AT grenades at level 1.

Tier 1:

For light artillery we look to the Brixia Model 35 45mm mortar light mortar, a weaker mortar but with little setup time (keeping on the theme with mobility).  Breaking the theme a little bit, we give them a power and slow HMG, the Mod 37.  This was the basic heavy machine gun for the Italian army, a heavier mg than any other currently in the game, giving early game punch.  For AT they have the 47/32 gun, light AT gun.  Finally, the first portee unit, can be built from this tier, the Motociclisti Squads.

Tier 2:

The Italian elite infantry will be Fucilieri, armed with Breda 30 6.5 mm LMG and gaining Passaglia Bombs at level 1.  Another portee can be added, the 20/65 Autocannon AA guns.  Also, the first armor unit, the light tank/recce – L6/40.  Finally for artillery support, the Cannone da 65/17 modello 13 is addedwhich can be fired direct fire for AT.

Tier 3:

For heavier artillery, the Italian army has the Obice da 105/14.  The Italian assault gun is the Semovente 75/46.  Their armor is Carro Armato M 14/41.  Another special thing which would fit the Italian mobile play style is an in base call-in, the FIAT CR.42 Falco.  It can be called and it will patrol a point, but unlike other aircraft, this is a biplane.  Lacking any armor and heavy guns, it’s a light flying mg with damage similar to the kublewagon and just as easily shot down.

Paratrooper Commander:

This consist of  the Paracadutisti (Paratroopers) and are basically Fallschirmjäger.  Armed with carbines and Passaglia bombs, they can also set booby traps.  They are upgradable with Bretta SMGs or the Brenda 32 lmg.  This unit can be deployed via houses like their German counterpart.  They can also get a heavy mortar, 81/14 mortar.  Give some more light armor support, they have access to the AB41.  They also get the Falco 2 AT strafe and medical supply drop.

Training Commander

The Italians used French tanks for training, and this formation represents a training formation.  They get another light tank they receive is a Renault R-35.  The mid level tank they receive is the Somua S-35.  The top tier tank is the Renault Char B-1 BIS.  While the Char B-1 was only used by the Germans, it would be fun to see it in the game.  Other abilities could be awarding veteran-ency and smoke launchers.

Heavy Armor

There are other fun Italian units which we have not added yet.  These include the widely used Italian light assault gun Semovente 47/32.  They also receive a new heavy tank, P40.  Finally it receives the largest portee gun, Lancia da 90/53.  They should also get some smoke abilities.

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