British Forces for Companies of Heroes 2

Continuing from before, we will create the British Army roster.


The focus is to give Allied forces the late armor punch and heavy artillery support.  We’re also adding new functionality, towed artillery.  These fixed guns rent trucks to tow the placed artillery to a new position.  The trucks cost munitions and, like portee, make the item more fragile.  British level similar to the original forces in the base game, building a tier one building, the hospital, tier two, infantry command, and three, armor support command center.

Tier 0:

The British start with a sapper unit, similar to the Wehrmacht Ostheer pioneer unit.

Tier 1:

The British will get a core four man rifleman unit with upgrade-able PIAT and Bren LMG.  Also at this level they van build the infamous Vickers HMG.  This HMG can be fire indirectly, doing light damage and pining units outside it’s line of sight.  Finally,  the British has the 6 ponder AT gun and the Bren Universal Carrier as a half track.

Tier 2:

Here the British get their first towable  weapon, the Bofos 40mm.  This AA gun also easily remove light armor and infantry.  For the first tow-able artillery unit, the British receive the 25 ponder.  For the first Tank they receive the Valentine.

Tier 3:

The final tier holds all of their heavy weapons which are 17 ponder tow-able AT gun, the 75 ponder tow-able howitzer, and the Cromwell tank.  I think the the Matilda heavy infantry tank belongs in the army as well due to it’s iconic role.

Airborne Commander:

The British need the Royal air force represented.  This means including the British Paras with equitable SMGs.  We can include the 3″ airborne mortar they used as well.  To represent the British working with local forces, we could give them the Russian Irregular call-in.

Royal Engineers:

The commander could include the 4.2″ mortar and the Sexton mobile artillery piece.  They could also give some upgrade options for the sappers or call in a new sapper unit with more firepower.

British Expeditionary Force

This force could include some elite infantry.  This would mean sharpshooters (snipers), heavy assault troops, and the 4.2″ mortar.  Finally we find a place for the Churchill heavy tank.

Adding Commanders in Companies of Heroes 2

Continuing from our previous post, we now need to come up with the commanders to add excitement in the new expansion.  These commanders need to logically fit historically and show off new features.


Wehrmacht Ostheer

Already containing an Ostruppen support force, the Italian forces can bring its light infantry mobility instead of just cheap troops.  One of the new units, the Motociclisti, fit perfectly into this role.  This is also a portee infantry weapon with the ability to mount and dismount their motorcycles.  Other call-ins include the light Brixia Model 35 45mm mortar.  To continue with the theme, a light AT gun can be added, like the Cannone da 47/32 M35.  Now that we have some core units for the army, we can model some support call-ins around their WW2 role of a blocking unit.  On the Soviet Front, when not used as cannon fodder by German generals, blocking units were used to cover flanks for German assaults.  This means the call-ins could include defensive artillery and some fortifications.

okwestOberkommando West

There are fewer commanders for Oberkommando West, so we have more options.  Instead of starting with the units, we can start with the history.  Italians were defending their homeland at this point of the war. What that in mind, we can give this commander some slower units to show they are a fortification company.   The baseline Italian infantry, Bersaglieri, will fit this role.  It may also be interesting to give them the heavy mg, Mod 37 HMG.  Now we need at least one portee weapon.  The 20/65 Autocannon AA guns fills the role of AA and light AT.  For the rest of the commander abilities, we can have some defensive abilities like S-Minefields and tank traps.

sovietscoh2Soviet Union

This is a more difficult group to build a commander for.  The only idea I could come up with is the British lend lease program.  They gave the Soviets Valentine tanks, which were used in the defense of Moscow.  Also for a towed item, they could be able to build the 25 ponder howitzer.   While this contains less units than the previous factions, we could look at a Hurricane strafe run.  We could also include a some 75 ponder off board artillery and a supply drop.


The Americans and British shared armories.  This make the choices really flexible.  You also have Canadian Armed forces, which even sound similar to American forces.  This commander could have the Bofos 40mm towed gun and the Cromwell heavy tank.  Support call-ins would be different air attacks, like strafes, AT attacks, and bombing.