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Building a Company of Heroes 2 Expansion


Tis the season of gaming.  The winter months are too cold to get out and play, so we turn to our computers and warm chairs to provide entertainment.  Lately I’ve been turning to Companies of Heroes 2 by Relic.  With the Western Front/Ardennes Assault expansion out,  I thought I would go over some core concepts that are used to make new expansions in games.

To make an expansion we come up with a concept,  think of features to add to the game, and then implement the features in a fun way. So using this formula, I can now make a concept for new expansion in Company of Heroes 2. The concept I’ve decided to create is over the battles in the Bloody Boot.  This is during the ’44 time frame with the British and Italians.

Now that I have a basic concept, it’s time to come up with some basic features. The core feature I’d like to add is broadening support weapons on a much grander scale.  In WWII, weapons were towed onto the battle field.  I think this could allow the British forces some powerful weapons while sacrificing mobility.  Every army did this, but the Italians had some interesting weapons which were towed and still fire-able.  This procedure is called portee.  While this was used by the Germans and British as well, this fits for our army deigns for the Italians.  A secondary feature I’d like to add to this expansion is to implement an early army for the Axis and a late army for the Allies.

The model of the last expansion was:

  • Add a commander as a preview for existing armies
  • Add playable multiplayer armies
  • Add a campaign

We will keep to the same release cycle.  This means that, with four existing armies, we need four new commanders.  These commanders will show off some of the abilities of the new armies and fill in deficiencies in existing forces.

The next stage of the release will be creating the new armies with the three starting commanders.  These armies need to have weaknesses, strengths, and be fun!

The final stage is adding a campaign to play through.  While we won’t cover the details of the campaign, we can model it after something similar to the Ardennes Assault campaign where you make strategic decisions for fighting up the boot.  We can also add another chapter to the neglected theater of war saga.  The Italians were present during the battle of Stalingrad. This could give an interesting look over the focus of the base game.